New Parking Configuration

After a summer’s worth of construction and reconfiguration, the big parking lot near the Worrell Professional Center/Alumni Hall (formerly University Services Building) and behind Poteat field is close to finished.  If you normally enter campus from the Polo Road entrance, you’ll be passing right by this lot.

The biggest traffic flow change is that instead of having many entrance points to the parking lot (there formerly had been one entrance in every row), now there are only two places to enter.  I guess this will presumably make it easier to get in and out of, since you won’t have to worry about many rows of cars all trying to turn at the same time.

The biggest aesthetic change is that we now have very nice wide brick pathways for students who are walking.  These extend all the way up to the entrance at Polo Road.  The brick mirrors the bricked Quad, and it is really quite nice looking.

In terms of the administration and offices students interact with, the offices of Residence Life and Housing and Deacon One Card now are located in Alumni Hall, along with the Parent Programs office.

It’s less than two weeks now until new students move in for the fall semester.  This summer has flown by.

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