Move-In Recap

Today is the last “free” day before classes begin.  It’s a beautiful week on campus – with weather in the mid 80s and not too much chance of rain.  For those Deac families who live in the Gulf Coast, we are thinking of you as Isaac approaches.  Be safe.

Orientation activities continue this morning for the Class of 2016, and one of the items on the agenda is a session with the Office of Personal and Career Development.  If your student has not already hooked into the resources of this office, please urge him/her to do so.  There’s a great story on the WFU website about one sophomore student who has benefited from all the OPCD has to offer.

In other web gems, my intrepid colleagues in Communications and External Relations have complied some fun items about Move-In.  There are videos, photos, and even a  Storify section (that combines things from Twitter that talk about Wake Forest and orientation).  Check them out.

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