What’s Your Major?

There is a terrific news story running on the Wake Forest website called “Married to Your Major? Not at WFU.”  It talks about how students can have a major of their choosing (even if it is not the traditional one for that career path) and still succeed.

I highly recommend this article to parents, particularly if you have been dealing with a case of nerves about whether your student’s major of [INSERT HERE] is going to lead to good employment at the end of the WFU road.

It’s also worth noting that the Office of Personal and Career Development also keeps track of where students in each major land after college.  If you click on this link about Explore Majors, you can drill down into individual academic majors and download an Excel spreadsheet of where those majors got their first jobs.

My personal feeling is that when a student majors in an area he or she loves, his/her grades will be better, and thus he/she will have a more compelling resume.  Pair that major up with some real-world experiences by way of internships, and your student can be a very attractive candidate for a job.

This is a good reminder for parents to encourage students to take advantage of the resources in the Office of Personal and Career Development.

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