Summer Session Comes to an End

Summer Session I ends today – final exams and then residence hall checkout by 7 pm.  You could tell the mood on campus yesterday by the clientele in the Z. Smith Reynolds Library Starbucks.  Those who are here for Summer Session looked a little more casual (more ponytails, less makeup for the women, more 5:00 shadow for the men) and were plowing through books and notes.

So they will depart this afternoon and evening, and final grades will be decided by Friday.  Then the second wave of Summer Session II students will arrive on Sunday for the next round.

Construction continues on the new residence halls.  The cement frame is beginning to go up and you can see the cranes peeking from behind Wait Chapel.  Campus is full of various campers – little kids are here this week for All Sports Camp, among others.

The weather has been beautiful – not quite as hot as the 100s we saw last week.  Life on campus is good.

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