Opportunity for the MA in Management

I had a delightful meeting yesterday morning with a family who has two students who are just about to begin their Wake Forest careers – one is an incoming first year student and the other will be starting the Masters of Arts in Management (MA) program later this month.

Seeing this family reminded me of what a great program the MA in Management is. It’s ideal for students who have graduated within the last two years with non-business majors.  This is a one-year program designed to give students an introduction to business fundamentals before beginning their careers.

Upon making a few inquiries, I discovered that there is still space for a few more Wake Forest graduates to apply and be accepted to the MA program, which begins July 19.  Ryan Emerson, with Graduate Business Admissions office, encourages those interested to contact him immediately at emersorh@nullwfu.edu or 336-758-4562.

If your young alumnus/a is still seeking his or her next opportunity and feels like additional business courses would benefit him or her, you can point them to this web site to learn more about the program.

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