It Seems Really Fitting

We’re about a month away from school starting up again – and we’ll welcome the newest Deacs of the Class of 2016 all the way up through the seniors in the Class of 2013.  And as we look toward this year and a time of new beginnings, it seems really fitting that we look back to the wisdom of some who just left Wake Forest in May.

The Class of 2012 had a Senior Dinner at the end of April, and several of our seniors offered toasts to their class and to their alma mater.

Whether your student is just beginning his or her Wake Forest journey, or is nearing its completion, there are some good words of advice here.

“But looking back at college, my greatest connections weren’t made on my timeline. They were found while swaying at shag on the mag with my best friends, during initiation into my sorority, while in rolling the quad, and sledding on Davis field when it snowed. They were made during that glorious moment when we beat Duke to secure our spot as #1 in the nation, and in the chilly moments waiting for the light to pass during Lighting of the Quad.” – Meredith Lee Pleasants (’12)

“[The faculty] have raised us and nurtured us. They have challenged us to try new things and to push the limits in leadership and research. They have showed us time and time again that we are unique and that we are capable of amazing and marvelous feats.” – Hamlin Wade (’12)

“Close your eyes and think of yourself freshman year. The major you thought you would have, the friends you thought you would keep, all the problems you thought were titanic, the little things that sent you into a panic. Now open your eyes and look who’s around you. I think we should all say Thank You.” – Kristen Bryant (’12)

There is more wisdom in these toasts, and I commend them all to you.  Visit the Campus Life Senior Toasts page for more.  Maybe even share them with your student and talk about what college has been (for the upperclassmen) and what they dream it will be (for the entering first-years).

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