A Very Big Thank You from Us to You

The last week of June/first week of July is always a very busy time in the Parent Programs office, which is why we’ve been lighter than usual on the Daily Deac blog.  Our office organizes the New Student Receptions program, which brings together incoming students and parents in areas of the country where we have a significant enrollment.  We host about 30 of these every summer, most of them taking place within a 7 or 8 week time frame, so there is a great deal of planning and coordination needed in a short time.

We also close the fiscal year on June 30th, and the following week is a time to see how close we came to meeting our Parents’ Campaign goal.  And this is where I want to say a huge THANK YOU to our Deac families.  From my preliminary count (and with the caution that I was not a math major at Wake Forest!) it looks like we have had a record setting year for parent participation in the Parents’ Campaign.

We had hoped to raise $2.15 million from 2,850 current and past parents this year for the Parents’ Campaign.  And thanks to your amazing generosity, we appear to have raised $2.29 million from 3,006 current, past, and incoming WFU families!!

Thank you for all your gifts, no matter their size.   The obvious way that your gifts help is that these donations give us the flexibility to allocate resources to people (students or faculty), or take advantage of a new opportunity, or upgrade the services we provide (be they physical spaces, library resources, etc.)

But your gifts also help in that they serve as an endorsement that you believe in what we are doing at Wake Forest.  Parents are already making a tremendous investment in sending your students to Wake Forest, so whenever you give on top of the cost of tuition – be it at $5 or $50,000 – we know it is sacrificial and heartfelt.  In that sense, I am most pleased about the 3,006 families donating to the campaign.  I believe in Wake Forest, deeply and passionately, and I know the difference this education has made in my life.  I am glad others believe too.

Thank you.

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