Will You Be One of the 150?

Normally at the Daily Deac, we spend a lot of time telling you about what is going on here, how to get your students involved in fun programs and activities, or even just talking about what the weather is like and what we see from our windows.  But June is a special time where we deviate slightly from our normal program, because it is almost the end of the University’s fiscal year, and we are trying valiantly to reach the goal for our parents’ campaign of the Wake Forest Fund.   (The Wake Forest Fund provides unrestricted monies for the University to use on its highest priorities – student aid, faculty development, facilities renovations and more.  Gifts to the Wake Forest Fund enable us to meet challenges that arise during the year, but also have funds for new opportunities that directly benefit your students.)

We have the opportunity to do something historic this year – but we need your help.

We are 150 families short of reaching our goal for participation in the parents’ campaign.  If you are reading this and you have not made a gift, I hope you will consider making a gift today.  Your gift could be the one that tips the scale and helps us get to the goal!

To make a gift online now, please check the box at the top of the form for Parents’ Campaign.  You may choose any of the designations of The Wake Forest Fund and it will count towards our Parents’ Campaign – and you’ll be one of the 150 we need!

If you prefer, you can send your gift via US Mail to the following address:

WFU Office of Parent Programs
P O Box 7227
Winston-Salem, NC 27109

Our fiscal year will close on June 30th, so all checks need to be dated June 30th AND your envelope must be postmarked June 30th as well.  If you make a credit card gift, it must be done by June 30th as well.

To all of you who have given, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I get to see a lot of big and small miracles every day – not just academic discoveries, but personal successes when our students grow and develop into extraordinary people.  Your gifts to the parents’ campaign helps make this academic environment possible.  And if you haven’t given, I would ask you humbly to consider doing so.  The size of your gift is not as important as simply participating.  You can help the University and our students and faculty in countless ways with your support.

Thanks, Deac families, for all you do for WFU.

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