And on to the Weekend

It’s Friday on campus, Deac families, and for the second day in a row it has been unseasonably cool in the mornings.  There is virtually no humidity – rare for this point in June – and this morning as I came into the building the Weather Channel said it was only 63.  There was a light breeze too.  You could not order better weather.  We are predicted to have low 80s and sunny all weekend.

For our students here for Summer Session I, the term is a little more than halfway finished.  Exams are on July 1-2, so for all our students slogging through Accounting 111, organic chemistry, English or calculus, they can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

There will be a new crop of students arriving later today – it’s the annual WFU Father-Son Hoops Academy, which takes place every Father’s Day weekend.  Dads and sons come from far and near to brush up on their skills, do some father-son bonding, and work with some of our current and former players and coaches.  It has become an annual family event for some of our Deac faithful, and for the littlest kids, the prospect of spending the night in a residence hall and getting to stay up late is almost as exciting as meeting the players and coaches.  Black and gold attire preferred.

And to all our Deac fathers, stepfathers, and grandfathers, we wish you a wonderful Father’s Day weekend!  Go Deacs!

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