Rain, Rain and More Rain

There was a pretty strong rain Sunday afternoon, there was rain all day Monday, and for today and Wednesday there are storms predicted.

Good.  Let’s get all of it out of our system now, and leave this coming weekend and Monday pristine and beautiful for graduation.

There’s a small army of WFU faculty and staff who work on Commencement, and I can promise you this week is Go Time in terms of getting all the final details ready.  Some will be sweating the forecast, because it’s just what you do.  If you’re a betting man or woman, do you want to look at the 10 day forecast?

The rain is problematic because there are a number of major activities that usually take place this week: putting up the tent, delivering and setting out the 10,000 chairs on the Quad, touching up the paint on railings and speed bumps.  Still, the Commencement machine is well oiled, and they know what they are doing.

For now, let it rain.  And then let it stop.  We all want sun for the 20th and 21st.

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