Meet a Deac – Joanne Ritter (’74)

During the break in the academic year, we are going to be featuring some of of our terrific colleagues at Wake Forest. Today we meet the person who helps keep the Parent Programs office running smoothly: Joanne Ritter (’74), Administrative Assistant for Parent Programs.


In the interest of full disclosure, you and I sit right across from each other and have worked together for many years.  You are my right arm.  But for the benefit of others who don’t know you as well, here we go…

How long have you worked at WFU?
6 fun-filled years

In laymen’s terms, what do you do at WFU?
I support the Parent Programs staff.  This is everything from answering the phone, trying to help students or parents who contact us, to assisting with campus events and New Student Receptions, and more.

How would you characterize Wake Forest students?  What are some common attributes they have?
The ones that I have had the privilege to meet are super nice and polite and crazy about Wake Forest.

What advice would you give to current Wake Forest parents?
Call us if you need anything.  We are here to help.  Think of us as your students’ local moms.

What do you like best about working at Wake Forest?
The people I work with and the gorgeous surroundings.

In what year did you graduate and what was your major?
I graduated in 1974 with a degree in psychology.

What are some of your favorite memories from your time as a student?
My favorite memories involve the wonderful friends I made here and still hold dear.

Let’s move to our bonus round, shall we?

Book you’re reading now: Iron House by John Hart

What music are you listening to these days: Whatever they are playing in yoga and aerobic dance class…

Favorite movie: The Sting

Website you frequentAccuweather

Guilty pleasure: Something from the blender on the porch at Bald Head Island

Favorite place to be on campus: the Quad (Hearn Plaza)

What most people don’t know about you: I don’t enjoy flying and have been by car to 48 states.  Waiting for the bridge to be built to Hawaii…

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