Everyone Is Tired

Today is the last day of final exams, and if your student is still here and slogging through them, my hat is off to him or her.  I have seen some students in the last few days and they look tired.  The librarians are helping the 11th hour warriors finish up with their research and studying.  The faculty are grading those final papers and final exams.  It’s not just the students who are beat – the faculty and librarians and campus life staff and various administrators are all tired too; I have seen some of their Facebook updates.  It’s just that time of year.

Many of our students will find comfort, solace and relaxation at Beach Week (aka Post Exams), sunning and funning with their friends across various beaches in NC and SC.  Others will find relief back at home, in their own childhood bed, with their family and their [much missed] pets.  We wish everyone safe travels to the beach or to home, and a safe summer.

And for those seniors who will be back to graduate on May 21st – and their proud families – please begin now in saying your invocations for good weather for Commencement on the Quad.  In a perfect world, we’re looking for mid 70s with warm sun and gentle breezes.  Perhaps the collective power of positive thinking will bring us the results we want!

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