Construction – and an Invitation

The campus is making its preparations for students to move out for the summer.  There are large green dumpsters outside of a lot of the dorms for students to throw away unwanted items.  There’s also a lot of other construction you’ll see when you come back to campus to pick up your students. Behind Wait Chapel, in the large parking Lot Q, there are a couple of mountains of dirt that have been unearthed in the process of working on the two residence halls.  For those of you who played “King of the Hill” as a child (where you climbed to the top of a big pile of dirt and withstood the assault from your friends who tried to push you off and take your place), this would be an ideal “King of the Hill” hill.  If it weren’t a work zone, of course.

There is other, smaller construction on the northeast side of campus.  Near the Polo Road entrance is the University Services Building, where the Parent Programs office is located (along with the alumni office and others).  They are building us a nice new entrance area, which will feature a brick pathway, a seating area which I am told will have nice tables outdoors, etc.  Some pictures are below.

If you find yourself on campus – whether at move out, move in, or anywhere in between – and you want to stop by to visit the Parent Programs office, please feel free to come to the University Services Building to say hello.  We are located on the 2nd floor and always love to hear from parents and family members and we want you to know we are here as a resource for Wake Forest families.  It’s especially gratifying to meet families who read the Parents’ Page and the Daily Deac blog, or who frequent the Wake Forest Parents section of Facebook – so if you come to see us, please tell us if you follow us online.  In addition, we’d love the opportunity to say thank you in person to all who have been kind enough to support the parents’ campaign of the Wake Forest Fund (reminder: we still need your support!  Make your gift online by June 30th or you can email if you need assistance).

So consider yourselves formally invited to visit – and we hope that even during the summer, when your students are home with you, you’ll continue to stay in touch with Wake Forest via the Parents’ Page and Facebook and Twitter!

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