Some Fun for Friday the 13th

If you have been to campus lately, you will see the steel skeleton of Farrell Hall rising nicely on the northeast part of campus, behind the chapel.  It is coming along at a good pace, and this Friday there will be a milestone in the life of the building.  We will be holding the Topping Out Ceremony at 3:30 pm.

I had never heard of a topping out ceremony before, but some of my colleagues have been part of the planning committee and have talked about it.  Evidently there is a white beam that all the workers (and anyone else present) can sign, and it will be part of the building forever.  There is a page on Wikipedia about standard protocol for these ceremonies.

Wake Forest is at its best when we all come together as a community – and this is your students’ chance to put their names on the building for perpetuity.  Whether your student is (or will be) a business major doesn’t matter – they can come and enjoy this ceremony and be a permanent part of Wake Forest’s history.  Details about the Farrell Hall Topping Out here.

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