3 Day Weekend

We’re back after a much-welcomed 3 day weekend.  If your students were home with you for a special Easter or Passover celebration, hope you enjoyed having them.

Though T.S. Eliot said “April is the cruellest month,” April is magnificent at Wake Forest.  We are at the height of azaleas, blooming cherry trees, and all manner of flowers.  You’d be hard pressed to find a more beautiful place to be this time of year.  On Friday of this week and next, we’ll be hosting Campus Day for Accepted Students, and as a staff member it’s always so funny for me to see the accepted students and their parents arrive and take a look at Mother So Dear in her full glory.  You can almost tell the families who come from less hospitable climates, because they are agape at the flowers and trees and the [knock wood] beautiful weather.

This week we have a big conference – Rethinking Success.  There’s been a lot of great stories lately about the value of a liberal arts education like the one we provide at Wake Forest.  One that struck me this weekend is about Wake Forest parent Mark Zandi, who is the chief economist at Moody’s.  His son is a philosophy major, and Mr. Zandi is very much in favor.  Read what he has to say.

We’ll be at Rethinking Success this week and look forward to bringing you a recap of the event.  Have a great week, Deac families!

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