Wrapping Up Before Spring Break

Break is just around the corner.  I have talked to a couple of students in the past few days and they are definitely ready.  If past history is any predictor of future trends, my guess is that we start to see a fair bit of melt from students today, and certainly tomorrow, as they get a head start on their breaks.

Our message for first year parents this week is about Spring Break Safety, and no matter what year your student is, it is probably a good reminder to talk to him or her about making smart decisions and being safe on break.  Whether it’s remembering to apply sunscreen or making responsible decisions about alcohol, we want all our students to have a fun and safe time wherever they go.  If you want to take a look at it, here is the article.

One thing your students might wish to do before break – if they have not already done so – is enter their names in the lottery to get tickets to see Condoleezza Rice’s speech on April 11th.  Because there is great demand to see her, and only 2,400ish seats in Wait Chapel, there will be a lottery to allocate student tickets.  The deadline to enter is March 15th; see details about how to enter the lottery.  Her appearance at Wake Forest is part of the conference entitled “Rethinking Success,” which is a national conference to examine the relevance and value of the liberal arts education to the 21st Century workplace.  It is a great line up of speakers and conference sessions.

If you have not seen the awesome video of the ZSR Library’s “Humans vs. Zombies” event, you need to.  Congratulations once again to our great library staff for thinking outside the box and finding innovative and fun ways to get students to the library.

Finally, today our men’s basketball team takes on Maryland at noon in the ACC Tournament in Atlanta.  It’s been a hard year for our team – better than the year before – but the ACC is always a tremendous conference and even in the best of years it’s tough to win.  At noon Eastern today, wherever you are, try to find the game on TV or online.  Details here.  Pull for our Deacs, especially our seniors (Nikita Mescheriakov is my personal favorite!)

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