Your students will be noticing a few things that are new since they left for Spring Break.  Most notably, the back of parking lot Q (the giant lot behind the Chapel, where most students park) has been dug up to make room for the new residence hall construction.  The blacktop has been bulldozed at the back of the lot and they are clearing away the grassy area so it is a nice and smooth, flat area – all Southern red clay.  This is the most construction I remember seeing at Wake Forest since my days as a student (and when I was here, there were three big initiatives – adding the Wilson Wing to the back of the ZSR Library, building the Benson University Center, and building Olin, the physics building).

There has been a change to parking as well for some students.  In order to account for the parking spaces lost to the new construction, the Parking Management office had offered students the opportunity to turn in their passes for a refund, and it looks like students responded in pretty good numbers, giving back 2/3 of the passes needed.  Staff and faculty were then offered the same kind of deal – turn in passes for a refund.  It might be too early to see if that did the trick.  We will find out in the coming weeks I suppose.

A final thought on things new.  There is a new eatery in the Benson Center: Moe’s.  In case you don’t have one in your area, Moe’s is a chain burrito place.  There are a couple in Winston-Salem and they are pretty good.  Our students seem excited to have that option here.  Yesterday in the main part of the Benson Center Food Court, near the Moe’s, they had all sorts of balloons, plus a balloon artist/clown type person doing balloon animals and hats.  Several of the students were wearing his creations, and it was funny to see them all sitting there with these giant, colorful balloon hats.

PS – the weather.  Wow.  After my complaining yesterday morning about the fog and the mist and the gloom, it cleared up midmorning, giving way to a beautiful, warm, sunny day.  Mid 70s and absolutely perfect.  As I told a WF parent who was on campus, Mother Nature is clearly reading the Daily Deac and taking care of us.

Spring is here, officially, today.  And it is *awesome*.  Pics to prove it.

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