March Madness – Play Waketology

If you’re like me, Selection Sunday was a bit of a dud.  Our Deacs aren’t in the NCAA Tournament, hard as they tried, so we’re now left pulling for our remaining ACC teams we like, or, conversely, rooting against the ACC teams we can’t stand.  (Let’s face it, it’s not too hard to identify that group.)

But rather than wallow in our empty Big Dance card and feel sorry for ourselves, we invite you to join in what we think is an even better March Madness option: Waketology.  Where you help choose the best campus experiences, places, local restaurants, and campus traditions.

Cast your votes now – and share with your students and others – and just as the real NCAA Tournament progresses, so will our version.  You’ll have a chance to vote again with each round, and we’ll see who the Wake Final Four will be, as well as the overall champions.

Note: it doesn’t matter if you aren’t familiar with a particular location or tradition – just choose your best and go from there!  If you need help choosing, you can look at our Waketology cheat sheet.

If you cast your votes in each bracket and provide an email address, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a prize from the Parent Programs office.  So vote now!

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