Few People, Much Construction

It’s Spring Break, and so as you can imagine the campus feels sparsely populated without all our students.  There are some still here, of course, but few and far between.

As I drove onto campus earlier this week, I saw a second large crane looming large at the construction site for Farrell Hall.  In addition to the two cranes, a trio of red, white and blue cement mixers had stationed themselves near the pit (that will presumably be the ‘basement’ level of the building), with what looked like big pipes running toward the center.  I can’t get close enough to see a proper view of the action, but they must be pouring the foundation.

A second construction site is underway as of Spring Break – for the two new residence halls on the North side of campus.  Information on those residence halls is available in a couple of places on the web (news story here) and (specifics of traffic and pedestrian info here).

Lots of changes on the landscape.  Exciting times!

PS – if you haven’t joined in our March Madness – Waketology brackets, please do!

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