Break Time’s Over

The parking lots are full again, and as I drove onto campus this morning I saw some Wake Forest students out for their morning run, others who looked like they were headed to class.

Break time’s over.

And it is a depressing start back, given the weather.  This morning there is a very thick fog, and that kind of precipitation where it isn’t quite rain but isn’t quite nothing either – just these tiny, needlefine droplets in the air.  Thankfully it isn’t cold – it’s supposed to reach maybe 70 or 72 today.  Still, not the weather you’re hoping for when you’ve just gotten back from break and can now see the end of the semester at the horizon.

Coming up in the next two weeks is course registration for the fall, so students should be planning meetings with their academic adviser to talk about their upcoming plans.  We’ve just added a new item to our “Information for the Class of 2016 Parents” section of the web site that talks about our academic requirements, particularly for first and second-year students before they declare their major.  If your student throws around terms like “Basics” or “Divisionals” and you aren’t sure what he/she is talking about, you can read more here.

One other big event is looming large in the life of Wake Forest: regular decision admissions letters for the Class of 2016.  I have seen a couple of my colleagues from Admissions in the last week or so, and they are coming down to the wire.  Decision letters will be going out soon.  It’s an exciting and harrowing time if you’re a student (or parent) waiting for the decision.   I am crossing my fingers for all the students who really want to be here.

Finally, if you were taking a break from the Daily Deac while your student was home, we’re doing our own version of March Madness here called Waketology, where we’ve selected a pool of 64 campus places, experiences and other goodies for you to vote on, bracketology style.  If you have not played yet, please cast your votes and be sure to answer the question about your email address, as we will be sending one lucky winner a gift from our office.   You don’t have to be a student to vote – we even have a cheat sheet if you don’t know all the items in the brackets.

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