Across Campus

Yesterday I was walking back from the center of campus from a meeting, and to my surprise and delight I saw David Robinson, former NBA player extraordinaire, and his family on a campus tour. If I read the situation correctly, he was there with his son, who is not quite as tall as he is, but still quite tall. David played with the San Antonio Spurs with one of our most famous WFU alumni, Tim Duncan, which probably explains how he came to campus. I hope the Admiral and his family had a great visit.

Speaking of basketball, we’re down to the Elite 8 in our March Madness – Waketology brackets. If you haven’t played along yet, it’s not too late to start! Vote from now until Friday at noon for your Final Four.  See the waketology elite 8.

Also seen across campus – lots of campus tours.  With so many high schools on spring break this week, there are tons of parents and visiting families here.   Finally, it’s been a busy week for our students – advising appointments and starting to think about roommates and hall blocks for next semester.  Springfest week is here and there have been fun things on the Manchester (Mag) Quad.  And the glorious weather and spring flowers.

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