Since You’ve Been Gone

Your student’s time at home is coming to an end.  My guess is that many of our students are starting to be itchy to come back to campus, to see their friends, to feel the freedom of living on their own (and with all their own rules).  I would bet, too, that there are some others who are a little more reluctant to return.  It’s hard to give up the safety net of one’s home, one’s loving family, one’s own bed and privacy and familiar comfort.  It’s also hard to contemplate going back to the work of college after a long break.

What have students missed on campus during break – other than the cold weather?  Some Quad trees have been cut.  I don’t know the whole story behind it, other than I know we have had sporadic issues with Quad tree health, and occasionally we need to cut the current trees and replant with different ones, or at different intervals, so they grow better.  Trust me when I say that we have a very dedicated groundskeeping and arboreal staff here, and they have the expertise and the judgment to do what they should.  We do not cut lightly.

There is now iron framing going up at Farrell Hall, the new business building.  It’s not enough yet for you to be able to clearly make out what the building will look like once it is completed, but we are no longer just looking at a giant hole in the ground.  There is a great big orange and white checkered flag at the topmost point.  Today, I saw workers wearing some sort of safety lines walking up among the girders.  It will be interesting to see how much the structure changes between now and May.

That’s the news from campus, at least for this morning.  While your kids are still home, hug them extra, cook their favorite dishes, do whatever fun family activities you and they cherish.  You’ll soon miss them, but we will take good care of them here.

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