National Mentor Month

January is National Mentor Month, and Andy Chan, Vice President of Career Development, has a new post on his blog about mentoring relationships.  His office has created a really nice Mentor Toolkit as well.  As parents and families, you should take a look and see what’s out there.  More importantly, you should talk to your students about mentoring.  Do they have a mentor? Do you have one, and can share some stories of how the mentor has helped you over the years?

This is an especially good time for students to engage a trusted adult in a mentoring relationship.  It’s the beginning of a semester and a time to look to the coming months with fresh eyes.  For new students, they still may be settling in to their Wake Forest experience and could use a guiding light to help reveal opportunities and possibilities for campus engagement, academic pursuits, or plain old personal growth.  For juniors and seniors, they may need to look more purposefully to the future – careers or grad school? where to live? what to do with their lives?  What better way to chew on some of these big topics than with the help of a trusted mentor?

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