College-to-Career Courses

My 20th WFU reunion is looming this fall, and as I look back on my time as a student and compare it to what I see now as an administrator, I see a lot of tremendously good additions.  I wish I had the opportunity to take First Year Seminars, for instance.  That was a masterful move in helping our first year students develop their critical thinking skills and the confidence to form their own opinions and learn how best to communicate them.

There’s another new set of courses that I wish I’d had as an undergraduate: the College-to-Career courses, which are offered through the Counseling department and the Office of Personal and Career Development.  These courses help students identify their interests and values, and can point them more purposefully toward majors and potential careers.

Our Vice President for Career Development, Andy Chan, has a new blog entry about these courses, which I commend to all our Deac families.  Take a look at what is being offered now, as well as the courses to come.  If your students are not aware of these courses (but could benefit from them), be sure to share.

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