A New Year

Administrative offices at Wake Forest open back up this morning following our version of Winter Break.  It’s hard to get back into the routine of going to work after a week-long break, but especially so this morning.  The temperature this morning is 25 degrees, but with the wind it actually feels like 14 degrees.   Today’s high is predicted to be a balmy 33, the low 20.  Ironically, it is supposed to get back to 65 degrees on Saturday.  That’s winter in Winston-Salem for you: could be crazy cold, could be crazy warm.

Campus feels empty without the energy of our students.  The student parking lots are largely barren, save for a few cars bearing license plates for states whose owners must have deemed too far away to make the drive over break.   We still have some of the trimmings of the holidays – wreaths and ribbons on some of the buildings – but those will slowly be taken down over the coming week is my guess.

We’ll burst back into life next week when some of our female students return for sorority recruitment, which will have this place humming like a beehive.  For now, it is a quiet morning.  And very, very cold.

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