As Your Students Prepare for Finals and Break

It’s the last day of classes today, and finals begin next week.  Last night it was cold and rainy and very, very windy.  I was on campus late for the United Way auction and there was a steady amount of traffic in Benson, as well as students heading to the library to study.

As you might imagine, the closer we get to finals, the more relaxed the student dress code becomes.  Less makeup for girls, and more ponytails.  Less shaving for men, and more stubbly faces.  Sweatshirts, comfortable workout clothes, and well worn jeans are the uniform of choice.  I have seen a few students this week in what I am 99% certain are pajama bottoms.  It’s all part of the process.

In terms of finals week and policies and procedures, we thought it might be helpful to point parents to a few items:

Residence Life and Housing sent a letter to all students this week regarding holiday travel and the potential for bed bugs.  There is also a Winter Break checklist and procedures on the Residence Life website (choose the Winter Break link).  Please be sure your students are aware of all policies and recommendations in regard to their rooms, parking, etc.

The Z Smith Reynolds Library is once again hosting Wake the Library to help students during finals.  Also, the library is open non-stop until December 17th at 5:00 p.m.  There are additional exam study spaces available on campus.  Walking around campus yesterday and lastnight, it looks like most of our students have found places they like to be – but if they have not, the Dean of the College is offering a listing of study spaces. Students should also follow the Office of Personal and Career Development on Facebook – as they are opening their doors for study spaces at certain hours and according to capacity.

Parking Management has announced parking instructions for students during winter break. These instructions include information about loading cars at move-out time.

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