Ways Parents and Families Can Help Wake Forest

There is no doubt in my mind that people connected to Wake Forest are among the most loyal in the world.  And no matter where you live or your connection to Wake Forest, you can help advance the mission of the University in big and small ways.  Here’s a few of the things you can do – and we hope you will!


Make an annual gift to the parents’ campaign of the Wake Forest Fund. Every gift is needed and appreciated – no matter its size!

Talk about Wake Forest in your community – your neighborhood, your place of work, among your friends. Help tell our story to those who may not know us yet.

Encourage prospective students to consider Wake Forest in their college search.

Hire Wake Forest students and graduates for internships and jobs.

Join the Office of Personal and Career Development’s Wake Forest University Career Connectors group on LinkedIn. Mentor students and offer professional advice.

Read the Wake Forest Magazine and The Deacon Blog.  Share your hard copy magazine or forward posts from the magazine or The Deacon Blog with others.

Attend Wake Forest Club events in your home area and bring another Wake Forest parent or friend with you. These events are for all members of the WFU family: alumni, parents, and friends!

Support Wake Forest athletics by attending games and cheering loudly.  If you can’t physically make it to a game, you can still wear WFU gear and cheer at home!

Be sure you keep your mailing address, email address and phone number current with our Alumni Records department (which also serves to update records of WFU parents and friends). Any time you have a change, update it online.

Display Wake Forest paraphernalia at home and at work.

Visit the Parents’ Page frequently to stay in touch with news and information specifically for parents and families.  Share articles from the main page or the Daily Deac blog with your students.

Subscribe to the News Center daily headlines, for news and events in your inbox.

Put a Wake Forest bumper sticker or magnet on your car. Everywhere you drive, people will see the Wake Forest name and help us increase our recognition in your hometown.

Include Wake Forest in your estate plan.  For assistance on how to begin, learn more at our Planned Giving page.

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