The View from Campus this Morning

For those of you who follow the weather, you may have seen some alarming reports of tornadoes throughout the South yesterday and last night.  Let me first say that campus was fortunately not the recipient of any tornadic activity.  We did, however, get a lot of rain yesterday, wind too. And this morning the weather is not much better.

It’s cold – colder than it’s been here in a while.  The high today is going to be 50, the low around 29.  There is a steady, cold, hard rain coming down.  Students have put on their rain boots and hooded jackets and are plodding to class this morning.  You can get a look at the Farrell Hall construction site webcam to have an idea of what we’re dealing with.  Note the big puddles of mud in the construction pit.  It’s been pretty wet.  The trees on campus, which had been so beautiful a week ago, have largely lost their leaves.  That’s the unofficial marker of the turn toward winter, when the leaves are gone.

The vibe I am sensing on campus these days is that our students are tired and are eager to get home for Thanksgiving.  I have also heard some reports from students I know about a cold/cough thing going around (I know this to be true, it’s hit my own house) and some students with mono. ‘ Tis the season to take your vitamins and do an extra special job with hand washing and hand sanitizer.

Just another week and they’ll be home with you for Thanksgiving!  Because November is about gratitude and thankfulness, we’ve been doing a “daily gratitude” on the Wake Forest Parents page of Facebook.  We invite you to share your own thoughts on Wake Forest there too.

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