Rainy Friday + Big Game Weekend

It was a rainy night lastnight and your students are waking up to gray and rainy skies today.  Thankfully the weather is a little warmer today; we’d been in the low 40s every morning this week and there was frost on the ground.  Today feels a little less frosty.  Check out the weekend forecast here.

It’s Black and Gold Friday, Deac families, and I hope you are showing your Demon Deacon spirit wherever you are by wearing black and/or gold clothing.  Do this every Friday, and you can spread a little WFU sunshine in your workplace and home areas.

Of course there is a *huge* athletic competition on campus this weekend.  Our Deacs take on the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame on Saturday night at 8 pm.  It’s televised, and I hope you’ll watch it wherever you are.  Our students are certainly fired up about  it.

Finally, the Old Gold and Black is reporting on a series of incidents of vandalism that took place on Monday night, involving graffiti of a foul nature that was written on several university lounges (be warned, there are pictures of the offensive language on the OG&B site).  Dr. Hatch sent a very well-written letter to the University community yesterday condemning the acts of vandalism.  I spoke to a couple of students and alumni yesterday about this, and there is uniform disappointment that someone would vandalize in such a way.  Students are rallying to show support, planning a “Five Minute Stand for Solidarity” on Monday morning at 11:55 on the Magnolia (Manchester) Quad.

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