OK. So we lost.

Yes, there was a big game this past Saturday night.  WFU vs. Notre Dame.  And yes, Wake lost, but it was only by 7, and we were a pretty formidable opponent through most of the game.  Considering that Notre Dame is a big name and there were big expectations for this game, a 7 point loss is not something I am going to cry about.  Besides, as one of my colleagues is fond of saying “we may have lost the game, but we’ve never lost a tailgate!”

We also rolled the clocks back one hour this weekend, and I wonder what your students did with that extra hour?  The most likely culprits are “sleep” and “social activities” is my guess.  Late on a Saturday night I think it’s the rare Deac who is doing nothing but studying.

Students made it through Round I of Registration last week.  They registered for half their courses (up to 8 credit hours) last week, and this week on the same day/time, they will register for the remainder of their classes.  Student registration is at night, which means after hours/limited administrative office availability.  The Registrar’s office has a chat function for after-hours registration questions.  However, students should be sure to check their WIN status and to clear any financial holds or other holds well before their registration time.

Countdown to finals begins.  Can you believe there are only 5 weeks left before finals? Your students will be home soon! First for Thanksgiving break, then for winter break.  And for those who are making travel plans, be sure to talk to your students about their schedule for finals before buying plane tickets (see the Academics and Breaks section of the Parents’ Page Q&A; scroll down to the questions about travel and finals).  And if you need holiday shuttle information, it is available via the Benson Center too.

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