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Many of our Deac families have students who have studied/plan to study abroad; in fact, around 60% of our students have logged time in an abroad experience (academic or volunteer).  It is a major part of our campus culture.

We have a robust Center for International Studies (CIS) and they have a number of events coming up in the near term, some ongoing events, and even a new abroad partnership next semester.  If your students are not aware of these offerings, please be sure to share this with them!

Falling Whistles will be held on November 30 at 7 pm in the Annenberg Forum of Carswell Hall. The Center for International Studies is hosting this free speaking and media event featuring members from the non-profit organization Falling Whistles. The Falling Whistles organization seeks to create awareness and advocate for peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The concept behind “Falling Whistles” stems from a small peek into a singular story from a singular day in the DRC.

Members of Falling Whistles met children equipped with nothing but a whistle sent to the front lines of battle in order to warn of opponents. Their only choice was to feign death, or face it. Falling Whistles converted their simple weapons into tools to begin common discourse. Worn on a chain above the heart, the whistle has become a symbol of protest, a tool for awareness, and a mechanism for peace. The Falling Whistles team works to partner with local leaders and humanitarian groups to rehabilitate those affected by war and turmoil.

There is a Cross-Cultural Engagement sequence that Wake Forest offers to help students better prepare for and process their study abroad experiences. WFU has been a leader in this area. I am told by my colleague David Taylor, Assistant Director for International Studies, that several parents have contacted the CIS office with specific inquiries about the sequence of courses, and have said they like the fact that the course helps students verbalize the merits of having studied abroad, a skill that can be used down the road (for example, with potential employers).

WFU/London: INSTEP: Beginning in Spring 2012, CIS will offer a new semester study abroad option to London. CIS has partnered with the Institute of Economic and Political Studies (INSTEP) to of offer students a course of study in political science, law, business, and communications/media.

If your student has not considered an abroad experience, it might be something you wish to discuss during his/her winter break.  And if your student does decide to investigate studying abroad, please remind him/her to talk to CIS as soon as possible!

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