It’s Almost Fall Break

Fall Break is on Friday, which means our students are frantically finishing the last of their papers and projects and taking whatever tests they may have as we hit the middle of the semester.  While technically they only have off on Friday, some of our students will surely head out early and miss a class or two on Thursday if they are bound for some great destination.

It’s a good time for students to be heading home to their families.  The weather, so nice and warm earlier in the week, has turned cold and rainy.  Campus will awake to a steady drizzle this morning, which will build to thunderstorms later.  The high for the next 5 days will only be around 60ish, the low around 40ish.  See the 5 day forecast here.

Between the weather and the weariness of facing midterms, students need a long weekend.  They’ll come home to you, or to their roommate or hallmate’s house, sleep in, enjoy some home cooked meals.  If your freshman student isn’t going home to *your* house, don’t be surprised if a fresh wave of homesickness hits.  Sometimes it comes when you realize you aren’t at school, but aren’t at your own house either, and that makes you miss your family.

Finally, remember to give them a little extra TLC this week, particularly the freshmen and sophomores.  Remind them you know they are working hard, that you are proud of them, that you love them.  When students get stressed out, it’s always good to have that reminder from home that you are capable, and you are loved.

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