Back To It

Yesterday I was in the library about midday.  I was surprised to find most of the tables in the atrium filled. Students were there with their laptops, working diligently. I climbed the atrium stairs up to the Reference library section and happened to look around. Most of the tables and desks – in the atrium as well as the tables hidden in the stacks – were filled.  Based on the very serious faces the students were making, and how hard they appeared to be working, it looked like it was *before* midterms, not after.

During my advising appointments yesterday, I was asking my students how their Fall Break was, did they get some rest and relaxation?  And a couple of them replied that even though they had finished midterms, they had several papers due within the next week, so it did not feel like much of a break.  One said that even though she was technically home for break, she felt like she still had to be working.

So that explains the big crowd in the library and the very studious looks I saw. Break’s over. Back to it.

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