A Quiet Morning Over Campus

The sun is rising sort of warm and golden in the sky this morning.  Campus is quiet at 8 am, except for those who are either avid runners or who have 8:00 classes.  Fall break is over, and h0pefully your students got to spend some time with you, and if not there perhaps at a friend’s or roommate’s house.  Time to recharge the batteries a little before the push forward to the second half of the semester.  This one seems to have gone by very quickly – I feel like the students just moved back a few weeks ago, and yet it’s almost November.

Tomorrow afternoon is Project Pumpkin, one of the best days on campus.  Our students plan and organize a wonderful Halloween carnival for local children, so they have a safe and secure place for Trick-or-Treating and games.  The students have some great costumes too – it gives them a chance to act silly and forget about Kant and chaos theory and Ulysses for a little while.  I hope to get up to see some of Project Pumpkin tomorrow and give you a report.

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