Picture Recap of Orientation

Classes have officially started, and by the end of today students will have sampled all of their classes for the semester. Even though its just been a few days, Orientation seems a long way away because our first years are now getting into the groove.  The weather has been great this week – sunny and low to mid 80s, just perfect.

Today the Daily Deac is taking a look back at the past week – using some photos from our award winning photographer, Ken Bennett.  These shots cover our beautiful Wait Chapel silhouette, the skyline of downtown Winston-Salem as our first years attended a W-S Dash baseball game, the Taste of Winston Salem event (where local restaurants bring free food samples for all), and “Pros vs Joes” – which pits first year students’ residence halls in athletic competition against our student-athletes – a favorite event.

PS – New parents, call your students sometime today and let them know you love and miss them!  Having that connection to home and family is a powerful thing!

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