What Our Students Will Be Learning

As we await the arrival of the Class of 2015, a lot of attention is being paid to the fall courses available.  New students will be registering for some of their classes on July 20-21st, and two of the required first-year courses are English 111 (a seminar that helps students learn to write college-level papers) and First Year Seminars (which help students learn to form their own critical opinions and express them both verbally and in writing).

I took a look at the list of English 111 classes and was pleased at what I saw.  Here’s just a sampling of a few catchy course titles:

  • Acquainted with the Night
  • From “The Lady of Shalott” to Lady Gaga: Beauty and Ugliness
  • Kings, Queens, and Naves
  • A Material World: Culture and Clothing
  • Teenage Wasteland
  • Travel, Tourism, and the Hotel
  • A River and Writing Journey

Look at the full list online.  Which course would you want to take if you had the chance?

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