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Deac families, I hope you are already tuned into the Office of Personal and Career Development, which is here to help your students make the transition from college to career.  They have a wonderful mission – and I am paraphrasing here –  it’s not just to get students a job, but to help them discover their talents and passions so that they can undertake their career search with purpose and clarity, so that in the end they have a path that fulfills their needs (emotional and financial), as opposed to blindly taking a job in whatever they can get, without having thought through whether they’d enjoy that or not.  If you have not checked out their year by year calendar of what students should be doing on the path from college to career, please do so (and make sure your students get started!)

Andy Chan is our Vice President for Career Development, and he has a great blog about issues related to higher ed, career searches, and more.  He posted on his blog recently about Evelyn Williams, who has been hired to teach leadership to our students (both undergrad and graduate).  Worth a read for sure.  The blog entry is here, and the full story about Evelyn is here.

And if you aren’t following Andy’s blog, here’s where to find it.

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