Dr. Hatch’s “The Story of Wake Forest”

In late June, Wake Forest gathered its leadership, both administrative and volunteer, for the Summer Leadership Conference.  This meeting of administrators and the various boards and councils of the University (Trustees, Boards of Visitors, Alumni and Parents’ Councils, etc.) is a wonderful event where we share information and dream big about Wake Forest.

President Hatch delivered a terrific speech there, “The Story of Wake Forest,” where he describes the history of our institution, what he feels are our core strengths, and gives an update on some of the major events taking place today and in our near future.  I highly recommend it; the speech is available to read online.  Here is one small excerpt:

“The story of Wake Forest is one of opportunity and courage.  Wake Forest was never handed its future on a silver platter.  It is an institution premised on hard work and making the most of opportunities as they presented themselves.  What I find most compelling about this story are the common threads:  a deep commitment to students and their formation, a consistent linking of intellectual and moral virtues, and the building of a community that is human in scale.”

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