Seen on Campus

There was a lot of activity on the Quad this morning.  I walked through around 10 am and there were tons of families with teens on the lawn in front of Wait Chapel in what looked like dressy clothes, clearly some sort of event.  Stopped to talk to a parent and ask what it was, and evidently it is a local middle school (Jefferson Elementary, just a few miles from campus) and their middle school graduation.  Here’s a picture of the group.

There is continued construction on Farrell Hall.  What had formerly been the V shaped entrance from Polo Road to the road that circles the center of campus is now gone.  There is fencing up, the road has been demolished, but the flowers are still there (for now).  Of other interest, there was a machine grinding rock that was so black it looked like coal. Perhaps it is crushing up the old asphalt.

On the Quad proper, the hydrangeas are absolutely gorgeous.  These are right next to the post office.  The ones on the opposite side of the Quad, near the bookstore, are even larger and prettier.

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