Construction of Farrell Hall

The Daily Deac has been a little delayed this week.  The Parent Programs office has been relocated to the University Services Building (USB) and there’s been a lot of unpacking and reorganizing in our offices.  However, we’re finally settling in.

The biggest activity on campus right now is undoubtedly the construction of Farrell Hall, the future home of the Schools of Business.  Right now the most notable construction is the tearing up of existing streets and some parking lot spaces as the ground is prepared for excavation.  There are a lot of temporary fences and orange cones zoning off different areas.

The other notable thing this week is it is HOT.  Today is projected to be a high of 97, which is unusually hot for this time of year.  The ten day forecast shows there is no real relief coming up, unless you count the high 80s as cool.  Summer school students, take heart – at least the residence halls and academic buildings are all air conditioned.

Soon WFU will begin hosting summer camps.  There are a wide variety of camps, many of them sports camps run for kids as young as elementary school and going up toward high school.  Those are always fun days when there are a lot of young kids on campus.  For many, its their first real time on a college campus and hopefully we’ll make a lasting impression as being a friendly and beautiful place they might like to go to school when their time comes.

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