A Great Way to Help – Hire WFU Students!

Parents and families can be among the very best ambassadors for Wake Forest in the regions they live.  Wake Forest families can help in a number of very important ways – ensuring their friends, neighbors and local schools are knowledgeable about Wake Forest, helping direct talented potential students our way, and – increasingly – by hiring Wake Forest students.

There is a team of people at the University committed to employer development and connecting outstanding students with organizations who need young, nimble, bright minds.  If you are interested in learning more, or if you have job opportunities, you can connect with any of the people below for more information.

Hiring a Wake Forest student can be a great win-win situation:  your company gains a terrific young person with outstanding critical thinking skills, and we maintain our strong record of students being gainfully employed following graduation!

Employer Development Contacts for Student Talent Opportunities

If you want to learn more about Wake Forest University students and programs and how graduates and students meet your talent needs and/or how to be involved with Wake Forest, please contact:

Mike Crespi (MBA ’95, P ’12, ’14)
Director of Corporate Relations

Lori Sykes (P ’14)
Assistant Director of Corporate Relations – North Carolina

Roles exist – post full-time and internship opportunities for undergraduates, Graduate School of the Arts and Sciences and Divinity School programs

Dana Hutchens
Associate Director, Recruiting and Operations

Roles exist – post full-time and internship opportunities for MBA, Master of Accountancy, Master of Arts in Management programs

Lisa Simmons
Assistant Director, Recruiting

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