The Power of the Generous Spirit

A few weeks ago, we held an event on campus called the Stewardship Breakfast – where we bring together scholarship recipients with their donors.  It’s always a wonderful occasion, very happy – because people can see how the gift they made to Wake Forest impacted the life of the young person now sharing a meal with them.

They showed a video during this breakfast, and I want to share it with you.  Watch it online here. If you don’t feel good after watching this, I’d be amazed. These students tell stories of what Wake Forest means to them, and what they hope for their future.

All of this was made possible because of the power of people who believe in Wake Forest and who wanted to give back.  They decided to help change someone’s future for the better.  Education is the gift of a lifetime, and through their generous spirits, these folks helped light the way for this generation.

If you want to help too, you don’t have to endow a full scholarship to help our students and impact their lives this way.  You can make a gift to the parents’ campaign and designate it to the Wake Forest Fund for Student Aid.

Your gift – be it $5 or $5 million – has the power to change a life forever.

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