Campus is beginning to be quieter.  With finals in mid stream, students are in that mode of study-eat-sleep-test.  Though the weather is great, there are not a ton of students studying outside.  It’s almost as if they know they have to be hunkered down in their best study spots to pay attention.

Over the next few days, there will be progressively fewer and fewer students here, and around campus you’ll see the occasional processional of some student’s worldly good en route to their car, or perhaps the recycle stations.  There will be hugs goodbye and some tears.

For those seniors, who will stay through Commencement, they will begin to have that disbelieving look about them.  “Is it really over already?”  That usually hits right after they finish finals.  Until that last test is complete, there is still some sense of normality about their days and the work they do.  But once the exams are all finished, reality sets in.

One more thing – walked in this morning and the Quad was rolled.  A student in Starbucks confirmed that the rolling was because of the national news lastnight.

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