The Library Pre-Finals

You can really tell it’s the end of the semester now.  Starbucks was packed this morning at 8:15 am, which normally never happens.  The library is going to be the true hub of campus for the next few days through finals.

Our wonderful library staff will be hosting Wake the Library once again.  Wake the Library begins this Friday (4/29).  If you or your students want a sneak peek of the nightly menu, visit the library’s Facebook page (search for Z Smith Reynolds Library on Facebook).

The library has already started decorating to make the atrium more visually appealing and fun for Wake the Library.  The graffiti wall is up, so students can paint out their frustrations or just draw a cool picture.  Love the aerial decor too, see the pictures below.  I’ll try to check out the progress of the graffiti wall in the coming days.

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