Program on Africans in Business, Business in Africa

Global awareness and education has become a major focus over the past decade at Wake Forest.  The internet and cable news has shrunk the world and our students are eager to learn more about faraway places and how they can become a part of social, medical, political, business and service activities.

Even though your students are surely studying for final exams and writing those last papers, there is a program tomorrow that would be a great study break.  There will be a a panel discussion on “Africans in Business, Business in Africa” that is sponsored by the Winston-Salem International Business Council.  Details are below.

Date: Thursday, April 28, 4:30 p.m.

Location: Wake Forest University, Worrell Professional Center Room 1117

Moderator: Dr. Suresh Gopalan, School of Business & Economics, Winston-Salem State University

Panelists: Kwasi Zigah, Business Development in Oil & Gas Industry, Dr. Alice Etim, School of Business & Economics, Winston-Salem State University, Dr. Craig Richardson, Economics, Winston-Salem State University

This event is part of Winston-Salem and the World Scene: a collaboration of higher education institutions within Winston-Salem.  Our focus area for 2011 is Africa.   Questions?  Contact:   Leigh H. Stanfield

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