Deacon Discount Days – the best sidewalk sale ever

It’s that time again!  Once a year, the Deacon Shop opens its doors to the sidewalk and has a sale of deeply discounted items – Deacon Discount Days.  It begins today in front of the Deacon Shop (Kitchin Dorm) from 10 am-4 pm.  Tell your students to check it out.  There are always remarkably good deals.  It’s being advertised as merchandise more than 50-75% off  (and I can attest to this: several years ago I bought a Vineyard Vines Noreaster WFU jacket at a very steep discount.)  They sell just about everything – t-shirts and shorts, golf shirts and slacks, WFU jackets, athletic jerseys, picture frames, sunglasses, flip flops, jewelry – so there will be a wide variety of things to choose from.  And since we are in the age of camera phones and text messages, if you wanted a specific sweatshirt for example, your student could text you a pictures of your available selection and you could choose that way.

The sale will go on today through this Friday from 10am-4 pm.  My best advice is to have your students go early while the supplies are at their fullest.  But if you have a savvy shopper who wants to ride out the sale, the items go on progressively better markdown each day.

If you have any merchandise requests, tell your students to check out the sale!

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