Lastnight there were some very strong storms around campus.  The county was on a tornado watch for a couple of hours, and there was strong wind and rain.  This morning, it is still quite windy and overcast.  But as I walked up to the Quad from the parking lot behind Huffman and Wait Chapel, I saw – and smelled – the gorgeous azaleas that are in bloom in the small nooks on either side of the chapel.

The azaleas are perfect right now – they are very tall, easily over 4″ – and many shades of glorious pink.  On the side of the chapel nearest Efird dorm, the small azalea garden is dedicated to two Wake Forest students, Maia Witzl and Julie Hansen, (see article on page 2) who were killed by a drunk driver in an accident just off campus back in 1996.

You can enter Maia and Julie’s garden and sit on wooden benches erected in their memory.  It is a beautiful and haunting place.  The azaleas are tall and it’s a small semicircle of flowers and benches.  Very peaceful.

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