New Admissions Building – Part 2

It’s Spring Break and your kids are hopefully enjoying themselves.  Though campus is quiet now, we did have a nice event this past Thursday at the new Admissions and Welcome Center.  The University hosts “Thursdays at Starling [Hall],” once a month so that faculty and staff can share some of the projects they are working on and also have time for socializing and refreshing the community bonds that are so important to the WFU culture.

Here are a few pictures of the new building and the “Thursdays at Starling.”  There are shots of the new auditorium, the main atrium, and the “Admissions Deacon,” which was created in 2001 as part of “Deacons on Parade”  (news story and pictures).  At the unveiling of all the Deacons on Parade, students were invited to sign the Admissions Deacon, which resides in the Admissions building.

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