Helpful Tips from Career Services – for ANY Year Student

Career Services sends out periodic emails to students who have registered with DeaconSource in their office.  If your student isn’t registered with the Career Services Office – even if he/she is just a first year student – your student is missing out on opportunities to build skills, learn important job competencies and find available opportunities for internships (that could later lead to a career path).

Here’s just a couple of tidbits that went out yesterday via email to students who are registered with the Career Services Office:

“While you were away more than 175 internships and jobs were posted in DeaconSource.  If your DeaconSource account is not active, come to a DeaconSource Registration Meeting this week.

DeaconSource Registration Meetings
Wed, Mar 16, 4pm, Benson 410     OR     Thur, Mar 17, 11am, Benson 410     Bring your laptop to participate in a live demo.

Still Very HOT News!
There are 30 stipends of $3,000 each available to students accepting unpaid entrepreneurial internships. It’s SO easy! Get ready to apply.
1-Check out the Career Services new website for information on how to conduct an internship search.
2-Polish up your resume at our walk-in hours in Reynolda 8, anytime M-F, 1pm-2:45pm or again on Friday, 10am-11:45am.”

The Career Services Office provides support and services for students.  There are year-by-year guides of what students should be doing to help prepare them for life after WFU (click on the ‘first year,’ ‘sophomore,’ etc. buttons at the top of the main page).

When you talk to your student this week – ask them if they are registered with the Career Services office.  If they aren’t, urge them to go to a DeaconSource meeting and get started – they will be glad they did!

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