Building a Class – Musicians and More

One of the great joys of working in the Parent Programs office comes when we have the opportunity to meet prospective families visiting campus.  Right now it’s spring break for a lot of high schools, and campus tour traffic is high.

I happened to meet a very nice family this week and one of the things they asked me about was whether Wake Forest *really* means it when we say the SATs are optional.  The answer is an unqualified yes.  Our philosophy is that we want to get to know each student individually – that comes through reading their application essays and short answers, it comes from teacher recommendations, their admissions interview, and more.

I was telling one family about how we aim to “build a class” of students, and not just admit people willy nilly based on an SAT score.  Our campus community is special because we include athletes and artists, Francophiles and bibliophiles, musicians and mathematicians.  We try to get a wonderful blend of diverse interests, experiences, and talents.  Our students will learn more from each other when they all can bring their unique talents to the table.

There was a story in our local paper last month about a local band of high school seniors, two of whom have already committed to WFU.  They have a band called SalemSpeaks (you can find them on Facebook, or at their website).  These students will certainly bring their musical talent to campus – and it will blend in with all the wonderful other qualities our Class of 2015 will bring.  You can find their music on Youtube as well, or on their website.

It is quite likely your students will find their music on campus next year – whether still as this band, or simply in our various musical groups and campus productions.

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